French Reneker


25 Year Utility Savings

41 kW

Project Size

Fairfield, IA


3-4 years


841 t CO2

Emission Reduction

Turning Unused Land Into Productive Revenue

French Reneker Case Study

French-Reneker-Associates, a Iowa civil and environmental engineering company, switched to solar with an array that will pay for itself in 3-4 years.

The 41 kW array will provide around 80% of the building’s electricity and save the company over $9,000 per year. In addition to saving the company an estimated $200,255 over the next 25 years, the array will also prevent 841 metric tons of CO2 from entering the atmosphere during that same period

– equivalent to over two million miles of driving in a typical car. President of French-Reneker Associates, Steve Hausner, said that slashing the company’s high utility costs was a priority. “When I took over as president four years ago I learned about some of the costs of running this business. I was quite surprised to see that our average electric bill was just over $1000 a month,” he said. “It appears to me we could pay for this solar installation in three years, and after that we’re paying 20% of that $1000 monthly”.

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