Energy Storage

Advanced energy storage solutions for a range of applications

Ideal Energy is a leader in energy storage project development. Our solutions have a wide range of applications including reducing costly demand charges, providing emergency power, and creating effective microgrids.

Storage integrates easily with solar, is scalable for projects of any size, and requires little maintenance.

Storage Applications


Use stored energy during peak times to reduce or eliminate demand charges


Shift energy usage by charging batteries on solar and discharging when electricity is more expensive


Keep your operations running seamlessly during power outages


Eliminate expensive generator usage and reduce interruptions from blackouts with continuous, reliable power


Smooth the output of renewable power generation sources such as wind and solar


Provide reserve capacity, frequency regulation, and voltage control to the grid

Demand Reduction

We engineer and install solar and storage systems that use a combination of advanced energy technologies to generate clean energy when the sun is shining and use stored energy during peak times – reducing or eliminating costly demand charges.

Grid Services

We design and implement energy storage systems that make the grid resilient and adaptable. Storage can help smooth output from renewable sources including solar and wind, provide reserve capacity, frequency regulation, voltage control, and more.

Ideal Energy Storage Service

Advanced Technology
Ideal Energy is a Midwest leader in energy storage solutions. Our team has deep experience designing, implementing, and operating multiple types of battery storage assets which allows us to create highly customizable storage solutions that are efficient, profitable, and reliable.
AI Optimized Software
Ideal Energy’s storage solutions run on machine learning software which uses algorithms to forecast and optimize energy in real-time. These intelligent control systems empower end-users to reliably meet energy goals like peak shaving, ramping needs, or emergency backup.
Operations & Maintenance
Our dedicated O&M teams have an in-depth understanding of the technology, equipment, and energy goals of each project. We remote monitoring and on-site services, our O&M teams will keep your energy storage solution running optimally.

White Papers

Download our energy storage white papers. We take a deep dive into the technology and applications of energy storage case study projects.

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