Part I: Guide to Investing in Solar

Solar installations require a significant investment. It is important to make sure your investment is sound. We’ve put together a three part ‘Guide to Investing in Solar’ to help you make informed decisions about your solar project.

Part II: Guide to Investing in Solar

In part two of our ‘Guide to Investing in Solar’ series, we dive into the calculations behind a solar installation bid, explain what these terms mean, how they’re calculated, and what the implications are for you in terms of projected savings and ROI.

Part III: Guide to Investing in Solar

In part three of our ‘Guide to Investing in Solar’ series, we look at several differentiators between solar energy companies that go beyond the bid price and the type of components used.

Building Strength, Security, and Resiliency with Renewables

Here’s how 3 Midwest companies are navigating uncertain times and are building resiliency with renewables.

Legislative update: New Solar Policy for Iowans

Iowa’s new solar bill systematizes net metering while creating a new Value of Solar option. This bill is the result of nearly a year of negotiations between Iowa’s major utilities and solar stakeholders, and is an important step forward for the state’s renewable energy policy.

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