Our Values

At Ideal Energy, we look beyond profitability. We measure our success through our customer’s satisfaction, the impact we have on the environment, our ability to work as a team, and our contribution to our local community.


    We view our team as family and work together to meet our goals.
    We celebrate our successes and take responsibility for our mistakes. We’re always learning.
    We believe in the creative potential of each team member and we encourage creative problem solving.
    We focus on building strong relationships both internally as a team and externally with our customers and vendors.
    We believe that achieving sustainability is a group effort that involves working with vendors, customers, communities, utility companies, and government officials to find solutions.

Exceeding Customer Expectations

    Our goal is to exceed our customers’ expectations every step of the way.
    We strive to communicate clearly with our clients and respond promptly to customer service needs.
    Our customers are our family. We look after their property as if it were our own.

Creating Affordable Solar Solutions

    Our goal is to make clean energy accessible and affordable.
    We’re eternal students, always studying cutting edge technologies and methods, streamlining our processes, and increasing efficiency.
    We educate ourselves on upcoming incentives and financial opportunities that will improve our customers’ ROI.

Safety & Quality Workmanship

    We take great pride in the quality of our work and we stand behind our products and installations.
    We engineer our systems to the highest standards, accounting for harsh weather conditions like hail and high winds.
    We invest in the training and education of our team so that we can continue to offer industry-leading products and service.
    We install tier 1 products, which boast the best system performance and durability. Our products have the longest lifecycles and warranties available in the solar industry today.

We Are Creative Thinkers & Embrace Change

    We’re a team of trailblazers. We’re not afraid to challenge the status quo.
    We embrace change and rise to the occasion with creative solutions.
    We resolve to learn, grow, and improve our process every day.

We’re Doing Our Part

    Making the world a better place is our business, and we’re passionate about what we do.
    We contribute financially and volunteer our time to complete projects that make our local community more vibrant and economically resilient.
    We believe in the power of clean energy. We’re here for the long haul.
Fairfield Public Library

Community Involvement

We’re dedicated to transforming our home-base community of Fairfield, IA into a thriving, sustainable urban habitat through job creation & sustainability efforts. Ideal Energy serves on the Mayor’s Go Green Commission for the City of Fairfield, and helped author the Strategic Go Green Plan for the City of Fairfield.

We continually participate in a range of our city’s projects, and help fund clean energy initiatives like solarizing our local public library.

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