Solar for Farms & Agriculture

Build a resilient operation by adding solar power to your harvest.

Solar Yields Savings

Power your farm with affordable energy generated on-site.

Intelligent Investing

Agricultural solar typically earns 18-24% rate of return with a 4.6 year return on investment.

Turn-Key Service

We handle everything from start to finish and provide ongoing monitoring and support.

Secure your operation with predictable energy costs

Solar power systems for farms and agriculture helps lock in secure, predictable energy costs for decades to come.

We can help you leverage the power of clean solar energy to reduce operating costs, improve profitability, and increase the stability of your operations.

Battery Energy Storage Service

See dramatic reductions in your energy costs with combination solar and battery energy storage systems. Generate clean energy when the sun is shining, use stored energy during peak times to reduce or eliminate peak energy prices.

We engineer and install solar-plus-storage systems that use a combination of powerful advanced energy technologies to reduce or eliminate costly demand charges.

We make solar easy

Ideal Energy’s in-house design, construction and service teams
manage all aspects of our solar installations with professional engineering,
procurement and construction (EPC) services.

Step 1

Complementary Analysis

Step 2

Engineering Assessment

Step 3

Permitting & Construction

Step 4

Power Up & Start Monitoring

We're Here For You

Outstanding Customer Service

The installation is only the beginning of our energy partnership.
Our welcoming staff is happy to answer any questions, help monitor your usage and production, dispatch field service when needed, and anything else your Ideal Energy journey requires.

Experience you can trust.

Founded in 2009, Ideal Energy is Iowa’s pioneering solar company.

Our significant installation experience, comprehensive portfolio, and innovative financing have made us a qualified leader in the Midwest.


Find out more with a honest, no pressure consultation with our team of solar experts.
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*Estimated 25 year utility savings are above and beyond the installed system cost with incentives, and are based on current utility electrical rates and predicted future utility rates. Production data is based on NREL and PV Watts.