Peak Shaving in Advanced Manufacturing

How Agri-Industrial Plastics Company is using solar plus battery energy storage to take control of its utility costs

Today, everyone has heard of solar energy and many people have a basic understanding of how a solar installation works: solar panels, net metering, etc.

However, very few solar energy companies understand how to successfully design for large electric users like manufacturers with expensive peak demand energy charges. Advanced Manufacturing operations often have unique needs that are not well served by traditional solar arrays.

We’ve figured out how to combine several cutting-edge technologies into one integrated system to shave peak demand charges and increase renewable energy share in a cost-effective way.

In this white paper, we discuss how large industrial electric users can achieve attractive returns on investment using solar technology in conjunction with battery energy storage systems. These “solar plus storage” systems allow large industrial customers to peak shave the most expensive portion of their demand charge bills.

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  • Unique challenges for large electric users with on-site renewables
  • Managing complex energy loads for manufacturing operations with solar & storage
  • Intelligent use of AI in solar power plants including predictive algorithms, machine learning, control systems, and feedback