Muehlman Residence

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Project Details

Client Mitra Muehlman

Location Fairfield, IA

System Size 1.8 KW

Special Features Off-grid installation with backup generator & battery array

I have been interested in solar energy since a science fair project I did in 8th on PV cells. Nothing is cooler than creating clean, renewable electricity. During the construction of my house, the utility company gave me an estimate for over $30,000 to connect to the grid, not to mention the monthly electric bills I would be signing up for. Solar was about 1/3 that price, plus the tax credits, made it the crystal clear choice.

People talk about decade long returns on renewables, in this case, it basically paid itself off the first day. And now, it is without a doubt the coolest part of my home!

Mitra Muehlman

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