Apprentice Spotlight: Dan Meyers

During national Apprenticeship Week, we’re taking a look inside Ideal Energy’s electrical apprenticeship program and the careers that are reshaping our energy future

Apprentice Spotlight: Dan Meyers

Dan Myers is nearly two-thirds of the way through his apprenticeship and he’s excited for the next step. He says that his favorite part of being an electrical apprentice is that there are unlimited growth opportunities, and he feels challenged to evolve with technology and develop new skills as he works.

Dan’s Journeyman test is right around the corner, and he is looking forward to using his licensing to help develop the field of renewable energy.

Q: What would you say you’ve found most surprising or interesting about your work with Ideal Energy Solar?

Well the solar field, even though it’s established, is still in its infancy. It’s always growing and changing, and that’s what’s most interesting about it. From year to year, you’re challenged to evolve with the field, and you’re always entertained by the new developments in technology and sustainability.

Q: How is your work as an apprentice coming along?

Well I’m a year and a half into the program and about 2/3 of the way through the hours I need. I’m doing the schooling at the same time while I’m working, too.

I actually had previous electronic engineering schooling before working here, and that did help a little with background knowledge. It’s not necessary, but it helped me. And since our inverters have some small circuitry it’s fun to be able to help in that area as part of the team.

Q: Do you feel that your licensing will set you up for the kind of growth you want to see in your life?

Well renewables are the future. I like them a lot – I like the independence and the freedom they bring. We can’t keep burning fossil fuels, so the move to cleaner and more efficient energy sources is inevitable. So I’ll be sticking with it.

Q: Do you see yourself staying in renewables long term? Has this field left a positive mark on you that makes you want to stay with solar or something similar?

I certainly could with what I’ve learned here, and I know it’s a goal some people have, but I think that level of work isn’t for me. I like the kind of work I’m doing – hands-on, putting the pieces together, knowing the code, applying it to what I’m doing. It’s very satisfying.

Q: What advice can you give to those considering entering this field?

It may seem intimidating, but if you set your mind to it you’ll get it, and you’ll probably really like it. It’s worth it 100%.

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