Two Ideal Energy projects win 1000 Friends of Iowa Best Development Awards in 2016

Two Ideal Energy projects win 1000 Friends of Iowa Best Development Awards in 2016

The Ideal Energy team is pleased to announce that two of our customers were recipients of 1000 Friends of Iowa’s 2016 Best Development Awards. Solar power was an integral part of each of the awards. The award ceremony took place in Des Moines at the State Capitol on January 19th.

The winning projects included Steffensmeier Welding & Manufacturing in the Renewable Energy category for its solar field, and Todd Schneider in the Renovated Residential category for the School House Apartments redevelopment project.

Steffensmeier Welding & Manufacturing is a welding and light manufacturing company near Pilot Grove, Iowa. Jenny Steffensmeier, president and owner, hired Ideal Energy to design and build a net-zero solar installation for her company. This was a substantial challenge due to the energy-intensive welding and laser cutting work done by the company. Ideal Energy designed a 430 kilowatt key-shaped ground-mount array and an innovative power management strategy to deliver net-zero performance. Steffensmeier Welding & Manufacturing is the largest welding and manufacturing facility in Iowa powered completely by the sun.

The School House Apartments building is a decommissioned middle school in Fort Madison, Iowa, saved from demolition and converted into high-quality, affordable apartments. Ideal Energy worked with Todd Schneider, the developer, throughout the grant writing process, helping him win nearly $3 million in Community Development Block Grants. Schneider installed low-flow fixtures, energy efficient water heaters, and additional insulation and Ideal Energy constructed a 300 kilowatt solar array, making the School House Apartments one of the greenest residential projects in Iowa.

BDA2016-300x262 1000 Friends of Iowa is a nonprofit organization dedicated to promoting responsible land use, smart growth, and sustainable development. The annual Best Development Awards showcase development projects that embody those principles and recognize the individuals and organizations responsible for them.

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