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Ideal Energy is a Veteran-Owned, Iowa-based solar energy company, delivering affordable, turnkey solutions to the Midwest & beyond.

Founded in 2009, Ideal Energy is Iowa’s pioneering solar company. Our significant installation experience, comprehensive portfolio, and innovative financing have made us a qualified leader in the Midwest. Ideal Energy’s in-house design, construction and service teams manage all aspects of our solar installations with professional engineering, procurement and construction (EPC) services.

Our expertise is demonstrated in the quality of our system design and construction, verified solar production, optimized system integration, and satisfied customers. Our company is committed to providing forward-thinking solar solutions, outstanding service, and the highest quality of construction available in the solar industry today.

We believe in the power of solar energy to provide affordable electricity to homes, businesses, and communities, and contribute to creating a vibrant, sustainable planet.

Our mission is to increase the sustainability, vitality and security of our planet using clean, renewable energy.

From the Founder

I firmly believe in the power of clean energy to transform our world. In 2006, I returned home to the Midwest after spending 12+ years serving in the US Navy SEAL teams and working elite security details in Asia, Africa and the Middle East. I was intimately aware of the issues surrounding carbon-based energy sources, and wanted to pursue energy alternatives that could increase global security and create a healthier planet. This became my mission.

When we incorporated Ideal Energy in 2009, we were among the first dedicated solar energy firms in Iowa. We saw a tremendous resource in the Heartland’s abundant sun and Iowa’s solar industry was just beginning with a few small demonstration projects across the state. We saw the opportunity to bring solar technology to the forefront and participate in building the industry from the ground up.

We created Ideal Energy with one mission in mind, to increase the sustainability, vitality and security of our planet using clean, renewable energy. With the goal of participating in building a lasting, secure solar industry, our motivation was simple:

Be part of the solution. Make it affordable. Make the process effortless.
Be professional. Use the best & most reliable technologies available.
Assist our friends, families and communities in achieving greater security through solar energy.

I’m proud to say that today Ideal Energy has grown into one of the leading solar companies in the Midwest, installing clean solar energy systems for residents, businesses, farms, communities, and utilities. From our headquarters in Fairfield, Iowa, we engineer, design, deploy and maintain the Midwest’s highest quality solar installations. We’re excited to see more solar popping up in more locations every day. Solar energy is changing our lives and the way our world is powered.

We’re committed to this industry because of the positive effects we see from it- the cumulative effect of carbon emission reductions, contributing to creating greater resource security, the power to bring communities together, and the opportunity for economic growth that creates a more vibrant world. I invite you to join us on this journey.

Troy Van Beek

Founder & CEO
Ideal Energy

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Veteran Owned & Operated

Ideal Energy Inc. is a certified SDVOSB and is located in the Veteran business database at www.VetBiz.gov, in the U.S. Department of Veteran Affairs (VA), Center for Veteran Enterprise, Service Disabled Veteran-owned small business (SDVOSB). Ideal Energy is capable to receive Veteran-owned Small Business Development contracts.

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