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Anatomy of a Utility Bill

Having trouble understanding your utility bills? Here's our helpful guide to demystifying your utility electrical charges. Utility bills can be complex, especially for large electric users. You may be wondering how utility bills are calculated. Our guide breaks down...

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Peak Shaving with Solar & Storage

Do you use a lot of electricity? You might need peak shaving for more affordable energy. Peak demand charges make up the most expensive part of your energy bill. Advanced technologies to include AI-optimized solar and storage systems now allow you to manage these...

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Apprentice Spotlight: Dan Meyers

During national Apprenticeship Week, we're taking a look inside Ideal Energy's electrical apprenticeship program and the careers that are reshaping our energy future Apprentice Spotlight: Dan Meyers Dan Myers is nearly...

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Women Empowered

Women Empowered A short film about the leaders driving Iowa's energy future.   About the Film Over the past several years, some of the most monumental and groundbreaking solar projects that we’ve designed and implemented here at Ideal Energy have been led...

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5 Energy Tips fo Fall

5 Energy Tips for Fall The Ideal Guide to Fall Energy Optimization Follow these simple tips from the Ideal Energy team to keep your energy world optimized as we begin a seasonal transition. 1. ANNUAL CLEANING OF SOLAR PANELS With no moving parts, solar requires very...

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How Battery Energy Storage Works

An Introduction to Advanced Battery Energy Storage Solutions Here at Ideal Energy we're always looking ahead for ideas and technologies that can help us solve problems for our customers. One of those technologies is battery energy storage. Battery energy storage...

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