Qualified projects earn tax breaks covering up to 75% of project costs.

Why Power Your Business with Solar?

The main reason most of our commercial clients choose to go solar is almost always financially motivated. With panel prices the lowest they’ve ever been, strong tax relief benefits, and a readily-available and sustainable energy source, solar easily becomes a serious option for many to save money over the long-term.

Many organizations see their potential savings via solar as a means to reinvest that capital back into the company for expansions, employee benefits, new equipment, local community initiatives, and more.

ABI Giving Back to Members

This is a unique partnership offered to ABI member businesses through the BUYABI Program. The BUYABI program was designed to help foster business relationships in Iowa while providing customized benefits to help ABI members succeed. Ideal Energy offers substantial and unique savings to ABI members, and takes care of all the details and rebate paperwork throughout the process. This is just one of the many BUYABI programs members can use to continue growing their business.


Everything Done In-House

To provide you with a seamless integrated service we manage all aspects of your solar installation in-house. No subcontracting or outsourcing here. Keeping everything under one roof allows our teams to provide quality assurance and deliver a great solar ownership experience. Plus, we’re always here to help.

Custom Design & Engineering

Your installation is designed in-house from initial concept to finalized construction plans. Our design team draws on years of direct experience in quality renewable construction projects, and engineer to provide robust power production while also accentuating architectural features of your property.

Maximizing Return on Investment

To be sure that you’re getting a premium solar installation at the best value, our financial team stays on top of latest incentives and financial structures. We’re experienced in solar finance including Power Purchase Agreements (PPA) and can identify the best financing options tailored to your project or industry.

Ordering Equipment

From world-class modules, robust inverters, durable racking and live-feed monitoring, we use the best technologies and materials available on the market today with proven long-term durability and performance. We prioritize American made products.

Solid, Safe Construction

We take pride in delivering quality installations within project deadlines. We follow the highest construction standards available in the solar industry today, including NABCEP certified design and Cal-Fire Regulations. Our in-house construction team is OSHA certified and frequently conducts advanced safety training and reviews.

Live Monitoring

Your solar installation is outfitted with real-time 24/7 monitoring, accessible through web-enabled devices, so you can check your power production on the go. Additionally, our customer service team is here to provide you with personalized customer support & address any maintenance issues, should a problem arise.

PR & Marketing 

After project completion we help your organization capitalize on the recognition of being an environmental leader with PR and marketing services to maximize brand appreciation.

What Buildings are Qualified to Save with Solar?

While a site may have an open area of land or large roof on the property for solar, there are a number of other factors that make or break the ability to power a business with the sun and save money.

The first step for every solar project is a free consultation with our team. We’ll assess the key components of whether the property can benefit from a solar array or not, and share our findings before any further steps. Not every site is suitable for solar, but at least you’ll know if there’s hidden savings in your building.